Dedicated VPS Hosting

Dedicated hosting gives you total control of your server environment – built for web developers. Which is why servers are provided with SSH only.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting plans provide you with all the tools and support needed to become your own web host. It’s cheap and easy to get started.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Servers are the smallest unit of compute power you can buy on our cloud infrastructure. Cloud Servers are virtual machines running Linux or Windows® operating systems.

One Click Install

Just install the softwares with one click (fantastico)

Reliable Support

Faster and immediate support, available 24/7/365 via email, ticket or live chat. Feel free to contact us for any kind of from with our server and/or hosting.

Robust Infrastructure

Your website has never been so fast thanks to our redundant and distributed servers all over Europe and an optimized infrastructure to host websites of all kinds: e-commerce, webapp etc.

Email Hosting Included

Each package includes a series of email addresses customized for your domain with a webmail attached to you where you can check when you want your email. You will also be assigned an SMTP server that you can use as you wish: from sending newsletters, checking remote mail, sending automatic emails, etc.

Powerful Security

Thanks to our optimized infrastructures we can guarantee you 7-level security with customizable self-configured firewalls.

Shopping Carts

Add to cart all the services you want to buy, just as if you were in your favorite store. All the services you will purchase will start working after a few minutes and you will receive access data immediately.

Multifunctional Database

The databases associated with your services can be of various kinds (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL) and change the type with just one click and not losing even one record!

WordPress Managed Hosting

Providing Services to top entrepreneurs since 10+ years and continuing.

Fast & Reliable

Optimized and fast services for your unique project! CDN and redundant servers to guarantee stability and performance everywhere and at any time!

Cloud Computing

Our infrastructures are based on cloud architectures, able to host any type of service and guarantee access in complete safety and speed.

Market Performance

Our WordPress hosting plans are ready to host your website and help you start your business and start presenting or selling your product.

Reliable & Scalable Hosting

Cloud Sites is a versatile platform for hosting your websites and blogs.

Supports WordPress
WordPress-ready hosting to save on maintenance and installation, have access to 500,000+ and customize your site to the fullest!

Maximize up-time
Our systems guarantee a 99.9% uptime that allows you to reach your website at any time and place. 24/7/365 guaranteed assistance in any way!

Scalable Traffic
Your website can be reached from any device, our cloud servers are designed to support a high number of traffic.

27/7 Quality Support
Multiple tools to help you in the pre and post purchase phase, use live chat or email to get quick and immediate support at any time.